Managed Cloud NVMe Server (EU) - 10x Faster

With our flexible scalable volumes, you are now able to experience 10x of super fast NVMe storage by choosing your preference servers.

CX0201 hServer


Billed Monthly

  • 1 CPU Cores
  • 2 GB Memory
  • 20 GB NVMe Storage
  • 20 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 IP Address
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CX0402 hServer


Billed Monthly

  • 2 CPU Cores
  • 4 GB Memory
  • 40 GB NVMe Storage
  • 20 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 IP Address
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CX0802 hServer


Billed Monthly

    • 2 CPU Cores
    • 8 GB Memory
    • 80 GB NVMe Storage
    • 20 TB Bandwidth
    • 1 IP Address
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CX1604 hServer


Billed Monthly

  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 16 GB Memory
  • 160 GB NVMe Storage
  • 20 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 IP Address
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Managed Cloud NVMe

from Mental Model
  • Super-fast NVMe Storage (10x Faster)
  • All the package is included with managed and backup services.
  • Server uptime guaranteed up to 99.99%.
  • Servers location based in Europe (EU).

Managed Cloud NVMe Server

Super-fast NVMe storage (10X Faster)

Load Balancer

With our scalable features helps distributing traffic across your infrastructure. Handle common use-cases like TLS termination or create an internet-facing entry point to route traffic into your managed cloud network.


Let your servers communicate through a private network and setup complex network topologies. Ideal for running a kubernetes cluster or a database server that should not be reachable publicly.


Volumes offer highly available and reliable SSD storage for your cloud servers. You can expand each Volume to up to 10 TB at any time and you can connect them to your managed cloud servers.


With our CX series hServers together with speedy NVMe storage mean you’ll profit from high performance hardware. You can choose between local storage and network storage (NVMe SSD RAID or Ceph). And you’ll benefit from our redundant 10 Gbit network connection.

Data Protection

GDPR compliancy for your Cloud. You can create a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) online that will be in accordance with Article 28 of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). You can even enter the correct European location for your DPA.

DDos Protection

Our security protect cloud servers using the latest hardware appliances and sophisticated perimeter security technologies, providing you with first-rate protection against large-scale DDoS attacks. And all that free of charge.


Backups are copies of your server that we make automatically to keep your data safe. You can store up to 7 of them.

Floating IPs

Assign floating IPs to fit your needs. Use them on a redundant server or for a highly available server cluster.


With 20 TB of included traffic, you’ll have lots of bandwidth for your projects, regardless of which package you choose.

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